Nova V4444 Sagittarii 1999 in the early decline and quiescent phases

U. S. Kamath1*,, N. M. Ashok2, G. C. Anupama1
1Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Koramangala,, Bangalore, 560 034, India
2Astronomy & Astrophysics Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabade, India

Abstract. We present near-infrared and optical spectra of the fast nova V4444 Sagittarii at two single epochs in the early decline phase and unfiltered images obtained in quiescence. Based on this and other available data, we discuss about the nature of this nova, including the possibility of it being a recurrent nova.

Keywords: Stars: novae - cataclysmic variables - stars: individual: V4444 Sgr

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