Stellar yields and Galactic chemical evolution

Aruna Goswami*
Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore 560034, India

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The chemical composition of stars belonging to the halo and the disk of our Galaxy as well as a few nearby galaxies are the primary sources of our understanding of the Galactic Chemical Evolution (GCE). The abundance trends implied by the abundance ratios of the chemical elements as a function of time and metallicity trace the chemical history of our Galaxy which could be understood in the framework of a Galactic Chemical Evolution Model (GCEM). Among the basic ingredients of a GCEM ‘stellar yields’ play an important role as they implicitly contain a physical scenario of stellar nucleosynthesis and evolution. Improved input along with a realistic model of chemical evolution are expected to result better simulation of the observed abundances.

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Keywords : stars: stellar yields – stars: abundances – stars: chemical evolution