The mid-infrared bubble Sh2-90: a possible case of triggered star formation?

M. R. Samal*
Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital 263129, India

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We analyze the distribution of the young sources and interstellar matter in the environs of the mid-infrared (MIR) bubble coincides with the H ii region Sh 2-90. Our study is based on the radio continuum mapping at 1280 MHz, along with Spitzer-IRAC and near-infrared (NIR) data. We performed the photometric analysis at NIR-MIR bands to assess the likely stellar candidates with disk and envelope using colour-colour (CC) diagrams. The morphology suggests a 8 μm void at the center of the H ii region. However, we see roughly circular shell of 8 μm emission enclosing the ionized gas seen in 1280 MHz, indicating void is probably originated due to the energy input from a massive source. Our study shows that the massive star is possibly a O9-B0 type. From the photometric analyses, we find a group of young stellar objects (YSOs) at the border of the bubble. Our preliminary analysis suggets that Sh2-90 shows signature for a possible site of triggered star formation.

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Keywords : stars – formation – pre-main-sequence: ISM – H ii regions