Young stellar population in the star-forming complex Sh2-252

Jessy Jose1*, A. K. Pandey1, K. Ogura2 and B. C. Bhatt3
1Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Manora Peak, Nainital 263129, India
2Kokugakuin University, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8440, Japan
3CREST, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru, 560 034, India

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We present the preliminary results of our multi-wavelength analyses of the young stellar population associated with the star forming complex Sh2-252. The NIR and MIR data sets from 2MASS and Spitzer- IRAC, MIPS identified 131 Class I, 400 Class II sources and a slitless spectroscopic survey detected 61 Hα emission line stars. The spatial distribution of these YSOs shows that majority of them are concentrated within the sub-regions Sh2-252 A, C and E. The optical CMD and SED analyses show that these YSOs show an age spread of ~ 5 Myr and a mass range of 0.3 Mʘ - 2.5 Mʘ. The CMD and SED analyses as well as the Class I/Class II fraction show that the sub-regions have a median age of ~ 2-3 Myr, suggesting same evolutionary status for them. We report an enhanced concentration of Class I sources having a median age of ~ 0.5 Myr between the ionization fronts of Sh2-252 and Sh2-252A. We presume that the combined expansion process of these two H ii regions in opposite directions has triggered the new star formation within the collected material between them.

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Keywords : stars – formation – pre-main-sequence: ISM – H ii regions