Deep NIR JHKs observations of HII region Sh 2-311

Ram Kesh Yadav*, A. K. Pandey, Saurabh Sharma, M. R. Samal and Neelam Chauhan
Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital 263129, India

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The HII region Sh 2-311 contains three young clusters (NGC 2467, Ha ner 18ab and Ha ner 19). Spitzer observations revealed several young stellar object (YSO) candidates at the edge of the HII region (Snider et al. 2009), indicating a possible site of induced star formation. We present our preliminary results of the study to search for low mass YSOs in this region using the deep near-infrared (NIR) observations. The (J-H)/(H-K) color-color diagram is used to identify low luminosity embedded YSOs. The spatial distribution of the YSOs has also been shown.

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Keywords : HII regions – interstellar matter – star formation process –premain- sequence