Searching for fast optical transients by means of a wide-field monitoring observations with high temporal resolution

G. Beskin1*, S. Karpov1, V. Plokhotnichenko1, S. Bondar2, E. Ivanov2, A. Perkov2, G. Greco3, A. Guarnieri4 and C. Bartolini4
1Special Astrophysical Observatory, Nizhnij Arkhyz 369167, Russia
2Institute for Precise Instrumentation, Nizhnij Arkhyz 369167, Russia
3Astronomical Observatory of Bologna, INAF, Italy
4Astronomy Department of Bologna University, Bologna, Italy

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We discuss the strategy of search for fast optical transients accompanying gamma-ray bursts by means of continuous monitoring of wide sky fields with high temporal resolution. We describe the design, performance and results of our cameras, FAVOR and TORTORA. Also we discuss the perspectives of this strategy and possible design of next generation equipment for wide-field monitoring which will be able to detect optical transients and to study their color and polarization properties with high time resolution.

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Keywords : gamma-ray bursts, high time resolution, wide field photometry.