Observational evidence for black hole spin down in Swift/BAT data of long GRBs

Alok C. Gupta1*, and Maurice H. P. M. van Putten2
1Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Manora Peak, Nainital 263129, India
2Department of Physics, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, 87 Hoegiru, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul 130-722, Korea

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We report on a preliminary matched filtering analysis of light curves of 44 long GRBs randomly selected from the Swift/BAT catalogue. An optimal match is found between a normalized light curve to a template for black hole spin-down against matter at the Inner Most Stable Circular Orbit (ISCO), that includes gravitational wave emissions. Our results confirm earlier findings on the basis of 600 long GRBs light curves of the BATSE/CGRO catalogue.

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Keywords : gamma-ray bursts – prompt – lightcurves.