GRBase: a new tool for data mining in the Gamma-Ray Burst archives*

B. Gendre1, A. Montieri1,2, R. Primavera1,2, G. Stratta1, A. Antonelli1, and M. Capalbi1
1ASDC, via Galileo Galilei, 00044 frascati (RM), Italy
2TELESPAZIO, Roma, Italy

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We present a tool dedicated to the data mining of gamma-ray burst afterglow data. This tool allows an easy browsing into the available data of GRB afterglows, and the extraction of scientific products related to these events (light curves and broad band spectra or spectral energy distributions). The tool is linked to the most up-to-date technology of the Virtual Observatory for data inclusion and output together with the standard FITS and ASCII formats. The tool is intended to be used with GRB afterglow data but can be easily extended to all kind of variable objects.

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Keywords : Gamma-Ray Burst – data mining – product extraction.