Compton cooling and its effects on spectral and hydrodynamic properties of an accretion flow around a black hole: results of a coupled monte carlo TVD simulation

H. Ghosh1*,S. K. Garain2and S. K. Chakrabarti1,2
1Indian Centre for Space Physics, Chalantika 43, Garia Station Road, Kolkata 700084
2S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700098

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We investigate the effects of cooling of the Compton cloud on the outflow formation rate in an accretion disk around a black hole using a time-dependent coupled hydrodynamics - radiative transfer sumulation. We show that as a result of inverse-Comptonization of the soft photons, originating from the Keplerian disk immersed into an accreting sub-Keplerian flow (halo), by the hot Compton cloud, the cloud becomes cooler with the increase in the disk rate. As the resultant thermal pressure is reduced, the post-shock region collapses and the outflow rate is also reduced. We also find a direct correlation between the spectral states and the outflow rates of an accreting black hole.

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Keywords : black holes: accretion – black holes: radiative transfer – methods: numerical