Is the ‘disappearance’ of low-frequency QPOs in the power spectra a general phenomenon for Disk-Jet symbiosis?

A. Nandi1* D. Radhika1,2 and S. Seetha3
1Space Astronomy Group, SSIF/ISITE Campus, ISRO Satellite Centre, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore, India
2Department of Physics, University of Calicut, Calicut, India
3Space Science Office, ISRO Headquarters, Bangalore, India

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One of the best possible ways to look for disk-Jet symbiosis in galactic Black Holes is to study the correlation between X-ray and radio emissions. Beyond this study, is there any alternative way to trace the symbiosis? To answer, we investigated the X-ray features of few black hole candidates based on the archival data of PCA/RXTE. We found evidences of ‘disappearance’ of QPOs in the power density spectra and subsequent spectral softening of the energy spectra during the radio flares (i.e., ‘transient’ jets). We delve deep into the nature of the accretion dynamics to understand the disk-jet symbiosis.

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Keywords : X-rays: binaries – methods: data analysis – black hole physics – radiation mechanisms: general