Extracting flow parameters of H 1743-322 during early phase of its 2010 outburst using two component advective flow model

Dipak Debnath1* ,Sandip K. Chakrabarti1,2 and Santanu Mondal1
1Indian Center for Space Physics, 43 Chalantika, Garia St. Rd., Kolkata, 700084, India
2S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Salt Lake, Kolkata, 700098, India

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We study the spectral properties of Galactic transient black hole candidate H 1743-322 during its early phase of 2010 outburst with Two Component Advective Flow (TCAF) model, after its inclusion in spectral analysis software package XSPEC as a local model. For the analysis, spectral data from RXTE/PCA instrument in 2.5 − 25 keV energy band are used. From the spectral fit, accretion flow parameters such as Keplerian (disk) rate, sub-Keplerian (halo) rate, location of the shock and strength of the shock are directly extracted. QPO frequencies are predicted from the TCAF model spectral fitted shock parameters, ‘closely’ matches with the observed frequencies.

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Keywords : stars: individual: H 1743-322 – black holes physics – shock waves