A study of double-double radio sources from the FIRST survey

S. Nandi1,2* and D. J. Saikia3,4†
1ARIES, Manora Peak, Nainital, 263 129, India
2Department of Physics, Kumaun University, Nainital 263 001, India
3NCRA, TIFR, Pune University Campus, Post Bag 3, Pune 411 007, India
4Cotton College State University, Panbazar, Guwahati 781 001, India

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Proctor (2011) reported 242 sources as DDRGs (Double double radio galaxies) based only on their radio structures as seen in the FIRST (Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty centimeters) survey. To find out new samples of DDRGs, we investigate their radio morphologies as well as the positions of their optical hosts. Out of 242 sources, we identified only 23 sources which are good examples of DDRGs, along with 63 sources, which require further observations to confirm their episodic nature.

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Keywords : galaxies: active – galaxies: jets – galaxies: nuclei – radio continuum: galaxies