Optical-NIR variability of blazars on diverse timescales

A. Agarwal* and A. C. Gupta
ARIES, Manora Peak, Nainital – 263002, India

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To search for optical variability on a wide range of timescales, we have carried out photometric monitoring of 3C 454.3, 3C 279 and S5 0716+714. CCD magnitudes in B, V, R and I pass-bands were determined for ~ 7000 new optical observations from 114 nights made during 2011 â˘A ¸S 2014, with an average length of ~ 4 h each, at seven optical telescopes. We measured multiband optical flux and colour variations on diverse timescales. We also investigated its spectral energy distribution using B, V, R, I, J and K pass-band data. We discuss possible physical causes of the observed spectral variability.

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Keywords : galaxies: active – quasars: individual: 3C 454.3, 3C 279, S5 0716+714