Solar radio bursts near the low frequency limit of ground based observations

Hariharan Krishnan* and C. Kathiravan
Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore 560034, India

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The low frequency observations of the transient radio emission from the Sun are limited to frequencies ≳ 30 MHz in a majority of the ground-based solar radio observing stations. Similar observations from the space-borne instruments are limited to frequencies ≲ 14 MHz. This paper describes an attempt to extend the low frequency cut-o in the solar observations from the Gauribidanur radio observatory (≈ 77° E; 14° N) near Bangalore1 down to ≈ 15 MHz Ramesh et al. (1998); Ebenezer et al. (2007); Ramesh et al. (2008); Ramesh (2011), and thereby minimize the prevailing gap with observations from the space platforms.

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