Interstellar scattering of the largest sample of Galactic pulsars

W. Lewandowsk*, M. Kowalinska, J. Kijak and M. Dembska
Kepler Institute of Astronomy, University of Zielona Góra, Poland

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We present the results of the multi-frequency scattering analysis of radio pulsar signals. For our study we used the data we gathered during various observing projects we conducted with the GMRT radiotelescope, as well as the 100-meter E elsberg radio-telescope. We supplemented our data with the scatter time measurements from the literature, and constructed the largest multi-frequency scattering measurements database up to date. Our sample consists of about 100 pulsars, for which we were able to create the scatter time spectra, to check if the spectral indices conform with the theory predictions. We noticed that the scattering spectra for a lot of sources deviate from the predicted power-law with spectral index of - 4:4, and the more distant the pulsar is the the more probable it is for the deviations to occur. We can not confirm however the sharp division in the behaviour of scattering between the low-DM and high-DM pulsars, that was proposed by Löhmer et al. (2001,2004).

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Keywords : pulsars: scattering; interstellar medium: structure