Detection of giant component from pulsar PSR J0653+8051

V. M. Malofeev*, D. A. Teplykh, O. I. Malov and S. V. Logvinenko
Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory of the Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia

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We present the investigation of PSR J0653+8051 at frequency 111 MHz using Large Phase Array. This pulsar shows three components in the range 102-4850 MHz. We detected a few dozen of very strong pulses exceeding the amplitude of the mean profile more 110. Usually this pulsar demonstrates very weak signal on the level 3 sigma in mean profile. The detail analysis showed that all strong pulses with S/n ratio 4-20 sigma arrived on the longitude of the central component only. This e ect is very seldom, because we detected such giant components only one day from more than two hundred days of observations.

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Keywords : radio pulsar – giant pulses – radio transients