Call for applications for IAU Membership

The application process for new membership of the IAU (International Astronomical Union) has now begun:

The applications are invited under two categories:

1. IAU Individual Membership
Starting from this year, these applications will be considered on an annual basis, according to the information from the IAU office. All Indian scientists working in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics are eligible to apply for this. Those who would like to apply for the IAU individual membership must fill out a membership application form on the IAU  website. The link to this is attached below. Please also attach your CV to  the application. Each applicant must directly upload the application to the  IAU website. Otherwise the application will not be formally registered with  the IAU membership database. Please do not send the application directly to any of the National Committee members. This will not be valid.

The link for submitting the application for the IAU individual membership is:   

2. IAU Junior Membership:

In addition, starting from last year, a new category of membership, the Junior Membership has been approved by the IAU. This is meant for those  who are in their early research career, and all Indian scientists who have  obtained their PhD degree in the field of astronomy and astrophysics in the  past six years (2014-2019) are eligible for this. Junior membership is temporary and cannot be extended beyond six years. In this category too, each applicant must directly upload the application (including the CV) to  the IAU website. 
The link for submitting the application for the IAU Junior membership is: 
The deadline for uploading the applications to the IAU website in both categories is December 15, 2019.
After that, in early 2020, the National committee for the IAU will scrutinize  the applications received and shortlist the applicants whose names will be  proposed for the Individual membership and the Junior membership. The  National committee will then send the list for each category to the IAU office.  The final decision about the IAU Individual and Junior memberships will be  formally taken by the IAU Membership Committee at the IAU office after  March 2020.
Please give this notice wide publicity in your University or Institute so  that all people who are eligible to apply can know about this opportunity.
Thank you
With best wishes,Chanda J. Jog
Chair, National Committee for the IAU