Aperture synthesis in gravitational wave search

Archana Pai*
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram 695 016, India

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Global network of sensitive advanced interferometric broad band gravitational wave (GW) detectors will finish upgrades soon. The projected distance reach for aLIGO, aVIRGO and KAGRA is few hundred mega-parsec (few tens of mega-parsec for iLIGO) to observe compact binaries with neutron stars and black holes. GW search carried out in a coherent multi-detector mode would enhance this distance further. In this mode, the data is phase coherently combined from all the interferometers; mimicking the aperture synthesis in the GW search. Here, we review the aperture synthesis technique in GW context listing the advantages in terms of event rates, sky coverage and angular resolution.

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Keywords : gravitational waves – aperture synthesis – compact binaries