ASI Constitution: Bye-laws concerning publications of the Society

ASI Constitution: Bye-laws concerning publications of the Society

Framed under Article II, Rule 1(c), Article III, Rules 1(a), 1(n), 1(o), 4 and 5 of the Rules and Regulations of the Society

  1. Publications of the Society:

    The Executive Council of the Astronomical Society of India (hereinafter referred to respectively as the Council and the Society) may from time to time publish, or cause to be published, such journals and other publications, periodical or otherwise, as it may consider necessary in fulfilment of the objectives of the Society.

    For each Publication of the Society the Council shall decide upon the scope of the Publication and the broad outline of editorial policy.

  2. Editorial Boards:

    1. The Council shall constitute an Editorial Board for each publication, consisting of an Editor and, if necessary, of Associate Editor(s) and of Members, in such manner and for such terms of appointment as specified hereinafter.

    2. An Editor shall be appointed by the Council. The council may appoint a Search Committee for this purpose. The term of appointment of the Editor shall be six (6) years (the `year' shall throughout stand for a calendar year) and shall be renewable, subject to the provision that no person shall be an Editor of any one publication of the Society consecutively for more than two terms.

      An Editor of a publication shall be the Chairman of the respective Editorial Board and shall be responsible to the Council for the execution of the policy in respect of the respective publication. He shall receive funds from the Council for purposes of the publication and shall be accountable to the Council for the funds so received. He shall submit to the Council annually for its approval, within a reasonable time after receiving a request to that effect from the Treasurer, the audited financial accounts of the previous year as well as a budget for the future operation of the publication.

    3. Associate Editor(s), not exceeding two in number, may be appointed by the Council in consultation with the Editor. The term of appointment shall be three years and shall be renewable. The Associate Editor(s) shall render such assistance to the Editor in the operation of the respective publication, as may be requested by the Editor.

    4. An Editorial Board will consist of at most 10 members. Role of the Editorial Board will be to advise and help the Editor who should consult the members of the Editorial Board in all important policy matters. The Council shall appoint the Members in consultation with the Editor. The term of the Members shall normally be three years. The term of a member may not be renewed more than once.

  3. Funds and related matters:

    1. Funding for the publications of the Society shall be provided by the Council and shall be placed at the disposal of the respective Editor.

    2. For each of the publications of the Society, a reserve fund shall be maintained by the Council at a level to be determined by the Council from time to time. This fund and its earnings shall be used for no other purposes than those directly connected with the publication concerned.

    3. The Council shall, from time to time, determine on issues such as page charges, reprint and subscription rates, free reprints to authors and other issues connected with the publications, having financial implications.

  4. Residual matters: In all matters not specifically covered under the above Bye-Laws, the jurisdiction and the decision shall rest with the Council.