Faculty and Postdoctoral Positions in School of Earth and Planetary Sciences (SEPS), (NISER), Bhubaneswar, India

NISER is one of India’s premier research-driven academic institutes. SEPS/NISER is a unique center in India that has been established to emerge and excel in high quality and interdisciplinary scientific research works in Planetary Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Atmospheric-Ocean Sciences. NISER provides start-up grant and academic freedom for promising candidates.

SEPS seeks faculty applications from highly motivated and promising candidates for faculty positions at various level. Interested candidates should send their application to fa@niser.ac.in

Current faculty members in SEPS are involved actively in Indian and large international collaborative projects and astronomy/planetary/exoplanetary missions, e.g., SKA, TMT, ALMA, NASA’s JWST, SOFIA and Dawn. Interdisciplinary works on astrochemistry & astrobiology, star & planet formation, radio/sub-mm/infrared astronomy, exoplanets, planetary minerology & morphology, small bodies & meteorites, planetary remote sensing, land-atmosphere coupling, boundary layer dynamics, current challenges in climate change, etc., have been initiated already.

Applications and positions are subject to rolling basis as per NISER/DAE norms:


NISER/SEPS also highly welcome candidates who are interested in prestigious independent faculty/fellowship program, for example, Ramanujan Fellowship, DST INSPIRE Faculty, SERB-NPDF etc.