A new Book - Dawn of Science - Glimpses from History for the Curious Mind

A new book by me (co-authored with Vasanthi Padmanabhan) titled "Dawn of Science - Glimpses from History for the Curious Mind" has just been published by Springer.

The website links for this book are given at the end of this mail. Some details regarding the book can be found in the attached pdf file of the front matter.

This book is intended for the GENERAL PUBLIC and is written at a popular level, esp for the younger audience, school/college students etc. We sincerely hope many of you enjoy reading it.

You may, for example, be interested in Chapter 20 which describes the development of Calculus in Kerala, South India [centuries before Newton and Leibniz] in case you have not been following this development.

I request you to share the information about this book with anyone who might be interested, especially since this is a popular book and the readership is not restricted to the technical audience. In particular, we would appreciate your sharing the information in FB and with your friends/colleagues in humanities, history department etc. to whom we may not have direct access. Also please consider recommending it your nearby public library.

with best regards,
(Professor T. Padmanabhan)

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